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1 Corinthian 16.4: "Let all you do be done in Love".

God Doesn't Want You To Be Sick

pills01God does not want you to become sick or die from painful diseases. He wants you to live to be happy and healthy so you can tell others your testimony. The food industry is giant, corrupted and out for themselves now, not like it used to be in the past. The world is about money and more money, and it's not about what's right or wrong. You can't trust super markets, hospitals and the news anymore. They're poisoning most of our foods and drinks with additives, depleted and often toxic foods. Good farmers, grocers and people often are unaware or absent nowadays. Most medical doctors and all hospitals are not out for our best interest, but their own and this is due to drug companies looking to protect their interests (who pay for hospitals and MD's training). The longer you are on their drugs and under their "care" the longer they make money. Some are good people, just misguided with corrupted training. By clicking here you can read my story.