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1 Corinthian 16.4: "Let all you do be done in Love".

Food Revolutionary Action Plan

Action 1 - The Great Fridge Swap-Out
Look through your refrigerator and choose one thing in there that you are going to stop buying, and one healthier alternative that you are going to replace it with. Then the next time you go shopping, put your vision into action.

Action 2 - Make A Food Diary
Expand your food consciousness by tracking everything you eat or drink, including both items and quantities. You can do this for a day, a week, or even longer. This works best if you bring a spirit of self-love and curiosity. After you're all done with your diary, take a look at the data and see what you notice. For a useful template to help you get started, check out:

Action 3 - Track Your Mood
Make a chart to track how you are feeling. Do this at a consistent time each day, and give your energy level and happiness level a score in a range of 1 to 10. If you combine your Mood Chart with your food diary, you may get some especially interesting information. If you want to get even more into it, track your exercise level, too.

Action 4 - Get the Non-GMO Shopping Guide
The Non-GMO Shopping Guide features over 150 brands currently enrolled in the Non-GMO Project. This purse/pocket-sized guide will help you identify and avoid foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) foods while you shop. Available in English and Spanish at

Action 5 - Get the Non-GMO Mobile App
The Center for Food Safety created a mobile app to help you find and avoid genetically engineered (GE) ingredients wherever you shop. This guide gives you valuable information on common GE ingredients, brands to look for and look out for, and common sense tips to keep you in the know. Available at

Action 6 - Find A Great Recipe - and Use It
Find a new healthy recipe that you love, and start preparing it every week or two. Most of us don't have that many things that we prepare on a regular basis, so by adding something good to your "starting rotation", you can lean into a healthier life. After you get comfortable, bring in another one.

Action 7 - Buy Direct from Farmers
Find out where your closest farmer's market is, and if possible, check it out. Supporting farmer's markets and is a great way to get access to fresh, healthy, local food, and to support local living food economies. It can be fun, too. When you join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), you enter into a direct win-win partnership with local farmers. In the U.S., the number of farmer's markets has more than doubled in the last decade. For more info on farmers' market and CSA opportunities near you, visit

Action 8 - Write A Food Mission Statement
Write a sentence that describes what you want for your relationship with food, and post it somewhere prominent where you will see it every day.

Action 9 - Sign or Start Petitions
Check out and sign existing petitions sponsored by organizations like, or All three of these organizations also make it easy for you to launch your own petition. The petition organizations generally deliver messages to targets via email. If you get a lot of signatures, you can deliver them in person, and contact the media to bring attention to your issue. Or sign the Food Revolution's GMO labeling petition at

Action 10 - Spread The Word
Spread the word amongst friends and colleagues. Give them resources, books, videos and tools. Empower them with as much information as they're ready to absorb.